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Research Director Inc. provides T.V. stations with turnkey sales materials that help you close more sales — quickly.

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Save Time. Spend More Time in Front of Prospective Advertisers. Close More Business.

Research Director Inc.'s suite of TV Sales Solutions enables your team to identify and close more business opportunities by focusing on categories where your viewers are a match for specific advertisers. The materials you receive hone in on the socio-economic status and specific product usage of your audience. By highlighting the strongest stories, these presentations help differentiate your viewers beyond basic demographic, rating, rank, and cost per point. The focus is always on the overall value of your viewers for each advertising category.

The challenges facing sales teams in the media industry are increasing. When the stakes are high and you need the ammunition to close the deal, Research Director Inc.'s TV Sales Solutions does the job. Our team of industry experts present this research clearly, concisely, and persuasively in customized materials to fit your station’s unique advertising needs.


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I can’t say enough about the quality of work and professionalism that Research Director provides to us. I have always been so appreciative and impressed by the detailed presentations that they provide and their turnaround is amazing.


– Amy Phillips, Senior Marketing Executive, Carter Broadcast Group - Kansas City, MO

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You receive professional sales presentations and tools combined with savvy guidance from our industry experts to help you close more sales faster than ever.

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Qualitative One-Sheets

These sales one-sheets focus on selected categories to grow on your station by detailing the socioeconomic and product usage of your audience.


Prospector Report

Helps your station focus on opportunities to grow non-transactional business. It helps to uncover untapped business opportunities and gives your team the ammunition to pitch clients with added confidence.


Client Specific Presentations

We find the most impactful research/data and present it clearly, concisely, and persuasively in a customized presentation within two to three business days of the request date.

At Research Director, we don’t just deliver data. We enable television stations across the U.S. to grow their revenue using a unique combination of proprietary analysis tools and consulting services. Our expert team of sales consultants work closely with our clients to provide strategic guidance and powerful tools that laser focus on increasing sales . This enables television stations become a marketing resource to their clients, while saving valuable time and resources.

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